Our business division provides with primary and secondary transportation (including last mile and reverse logistics) services over long distances in a faster and more efficient manner. All kinds of cargo is transported over long distances with high-tech transportation facilities and unique reporting system for all our transportation solution.

We are happy to provide innovative and technology-enabled transportation solutions and programs that will support your supply chain thus, ensuring a competitive advantage to our customers in the marketplace.

Our services include multiple location delivery and pick up, open and containerized trucks, special transportation solutions for high value cargo, hazardous material handling, reefer services, transportation insurance, road transport and development of in-house service improvement analytical tools viz. Load Optimization, Truck Indenting, Fleet Optimization.

We specialize in providing the following services to our clients:

  • Primary & Secondary Distribution (Inter-city and Intra-city)
  • Last Mile Distribution
  • Express Distribution
  • Reverse Logistics