Process Improvement And Automation

With modern technological services, our process improvement and automation services play a key role.

Now, let us see what actually automation is.

When we talk about logistics automation, we are speaking about all of the automation features available in the technology to manage your transportation and freight departments. Logistics automation is the decrease in manual entry of processing freight shipments and the automatic retrieval of options in the procurement of transportation for your freight. Furthermore, logistics automation will provide automatic notifications and real-time updates of freight information.

These services can help our customers drastically improve their services in the following ways:

1. Decrease in Costly Errors Logistics automation features such as integration to your commodities via your ERP system and access to your address book, as well as automatic storage and entry of fuel surcharges and accessorial, will have you never again worrying about keying in the wrong information. These kinds of manual data entry errors will lead to increased shipping costs such as having to pay for shipping twice or paying a higher freight rate due to entering an incorrect commodity freight classification.

2. Availability of Transportation Mode Choice and Real Time Freight Rates To combat rising transportation costs the logistics automation makes it easy for users around the country to execute policies that deliver immediate freight savings. No more theoretical savings, but hard ROI based on live, vendor neutral access to real-time market rates. When you have multiple carriers to choose from based on cost, transit time, and insurance, it empowers you to make the best choice for your specific shipment, thus saving you money over the long haul.

3. Increased Customer Service With logistics automation such as real time freight tracking, auto pick-up, proper insurance and freight accounting built to your custom specifications, you and your customer are empowered to know exactly how much the freight will cost and when the freight will arrive at its destination through automatic notifications.

4. Access to Real Time Freight Data and Analysis When you have access to real time freight data and the ability to run reports, you are better served at making better business decisions based on your trends and history. Access to valuable data at your fingertips with the push of a button empowers you to see the total cost of your decisions and mitigate future expensive bad decisions.