Inplant Services

Our in-plant services help you to reduce costs, increase productivity, and get the best out of your most valuable resource: your people inventory. Gram SCS believes that all processes in the plant should be considered holistically and integrated with external logistics systems. To avoid the tendency to shift costs from one area to another, we analyse the complete system, including how the plant interfaces with inbound to manufacturing and outbound logistics.

Gram SCS is dedicated to achieving the highest level of operating safety on your site. We invest substantial time building consistent processes and training to achieve our goal of zero recordable incidents..

Services include-

  • Packing
  • Sample packing and shipping
  • Manpower Facility
  • Design and commissioning of IT/visibility systems
  • Storage and distribution
  • Design and implementation of storage and handling systems
  • Transportation scheduling and dispatch
  • Introduction of best-in-class logistics processes and procedures into the factory environment.
  • Horticulture and House-Keeping
  • Canteen Management